Descriptive Essay Writing

   Descriptive Essay Writing is a common task and one of the most popular type of essays. 

Descriptive Essay is Lucid Elaboration and Description.

   They use sensory details to attract readers. They are usually personal experiences of individuals and means of expression of the individual’s attitude and temperament. Consequently, a descriptive essay of this kind is usually subjective. However, it could also be targeted. Essays can be descriptive of a person, a place, an experience, an object, and so on.


Start your essay by Kicking-off Descriptive Essay with a Reason.

   The first thing that a paper writer has to do before starting writing a descriptive essay is trying to figure out the reason for your paper. Once done you can mold your paper to optimize the effectiveness of its role. In other words, what is the dominant impression you want to make in your descriptive essay? Your thesis will evolve from your dominant impression.

How to write a body paragraph of Descriptive Essay

    The body paragraph of a descriptive essay should focus on the particular qualities of the object you want to focus on. To accentuate these features in a way that will appeal to your readers that you should describe the sights, sounds smells, and everything involving the senses and appeals to the emotions of the reader.

    Suppose you have decided to write a descriptive essay about your grandmother. And suppose you want to describe her frail appearance and how she relates to all her grandchildren, how she provided to you economics help or how you spend time together. The way to do this is not to focus on generic aspects of frailty and relationships. You should make it possible for readers to imagine a wizened old woman spending time with all her grandchildren. Your readers should be able to see the gray-haired lady shower their grandchildren with love.

    “Show, do not tell.” That should be your guiding principle when writing a descriptive essay. So if you are writing about your grandmother, describe the texture of her skin wrinkled, the shine of her silver hair, her weak voice, her stooped figure. Use sounds, smells and textures, and so on, that are easy to imagine and go straight to the heart. Thus writing appeals to the emotions of your readers and has very involved.


The Structure Issues and Solution of Descriptive Essay

   A description follows the same general structure, as do other tests. So while writing a descriptive essay, try to stick to the same structure.

    In the introduction to tell the reader what the focus of your essay will be and what aspects of the subject that focuses on. The body of the document describing places, people, and events vividly. Pursue the subject with as much detail as possible. Describing the matter as you have seen. Use words that appeal to the senses. In the conclusion to reaffirm the essence of the thesis and summarize your thoughts. It is not easy, you may be required to draft and redraft until it shapes the way you want it.

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